June 20

Welcome to our podcast

We’d like to welcome everyone to our new podcast page, Two Fat Gingers Have a Conversation.

We like to think that we deliver on our promises

March 14

Episode 18 – Season 2 Episode 1 Reboot

January 17

Episode 17 – Royal Rumble Predictions, RAW is 25, and Paige’s reported retirement

This week the gingers discuss the reported in-ring retirement of Paige, as well as their hopes and dreams for the upcoming RAW 25th Anniversary special and Royal Rumble.

January 11

Episode 16 – Star Wars a Christmas Binge Watching

Two Fat Gingers return to talk about Star Wars The Last Jedi and all the good shows/film they watched while lazing during the Christmas period.

November 08

Episode 15 – WWE Live!

After a bit of a hiatus, we are back and discussing our recent attendance of a WWE Live event.  

October 09

Episode 14 – Followers, Blade Runner 2049 and No Mercy Reaction

Two Fat Gingers discuss the results of No Mercy 2017, try and get a cease and desist order from WWE, talk about the hopes for Blade Runner 2049 and how we ignore our loyal “fanbase”

September 21

Episode 13 – IT and No Mercy 2017

Two Fat Gingers discuss new horror phenomenon IT, and whether IT is worth IT, and predict No MErcy 2017. This time in advance of the event!!

September 07

Episode 12 – Singapore and Houston

We chat about Ginger Chris and his trip to Singapore and the horrid happenings in Houston following Hurricane Harvey. Link to the Red Cross Hurricane Harvey appeal: http://rdcrss.org/2glsLFM