August 24

Episode 11 – WWE Summerslam Predictions

Listen to our Summerslam predictions. There is a good chance we were at least 50% right….or were we!!

August 09

Episode 10 – Whisky, Films and the Rock

  We delve into alcohol related to films, films themselves and one of us spends a day with the Rock. Kind of.

August 02

Episode 9 – David Keith and Dunkirk

This week we talk to David Ryan Keith of Clear Focus Movies, director of such films as Attack of the Herbals, The Redwood Massacre, Ghosts of Darkness and the forthcoming The Dark Within. We also discuss Ginger Chris’s trip to the picture house to watch Dunkirk.

July 26

Episode 8 – Koalas, Snakes and Movies

Episode 8 sees us tackle important subjects such as Koalas, and why they’re not bears, handling big snakes and covering all manner of movies including Aladdin, Poltergeist and Blade Trinity.

July 19

Episode 7 – UFC 213 and Great Balls of Fire 2017

In Episode 7 we meet Finn, Rey and Poe as they race……..oh wait wrong Episode 7! The gingers discuss UFC 213 and Nunes withdrawal and WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 (before the PPV). We tackle such important questions as: Where now for the Swiss Superman? Should Nunes be stripped of her title? Is the […]

July 12

Episode 6 – Transformers the Last Knight

Listen as one of the Two Fat Gingers shares his thoughts on Transformers the Last Knight – did he love it or loathe it……

July 05

Episode 5 – Star Wars and Money in the Bank 2017

  We take on the controversy that is Star Wars the Han Solo story and what the removal of it’s directors may mean for us, the fans and audience, going forward. We also discuss Money in the Bank 2017 and whether PPV fatigue is setting in.