July 01

Episode 4 – Dream Guests

With hopes and dreams of being successful we talk about who our dreams guests would be, in the vain hope that they are listening. Unfortunately we promised more wrestling speak and Star Wars, but we ran out of time so that will be in Episode 5!

June 28

Episode 3 – Michael Bay, American Gods

  Episode three sees us challenging Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise and why he keeps making them (apart from money) and we talk briefly about American Gods and why everyone should sit down, watch it and do it now.

June 21

Episode 2 – Beer Festivals and Wrestling

In this episode two fat gingers discuss Stonehaven Beer Festival, Money in the Bank 2017, Drew Macintyre’s protein intake and was Chris Jericho brilliant or luck in his last run

June 21

Episode 1 – Wonder Woman and More

  In our premier episode we talk film critics, nuisance or menace, sequels and reboots we don’t require and we touch upon the magic that is Attack of the Herbals…

June 20

Welcome to our podcast

We’d like to welcome everyone to our new podcast page, Two Fat Gingers Have a Conversation.

We like to think that we deliver on our promises